Time is like an arrow

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Time is like an arrow

Messagede ylq » Ven 8 Mar 2019 08:53

Time is like an arrow Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, the years are like a shuttle! But the years seem longer and farther than the time! Whether it is purple, it is simple and plain. The past is quiethe sweet, sour, bitter and salty taste that has been experienced is the taste of the years Buy Newports Online, the seasoning of life! That bitter bitterness, that bit of sourness, and finally it has become a beautiful sweetness! The feeling of the years, like the peach forest in March, the flowers bloom brightly, burning Its Hua. Left a season of fragrance, dressed up for the memories of my lifeonly look back, look at the flowers, smile! Sighing that the years are still quietl that time is short and terrible!is moment, I still feel that my heart is pure, just like a child. There is always a flower in my heart Newport Carton, sometimes like a peony, which is bright and warm when opened. Sometimes like a scorpion, it��slling red dust, thousands of turns back. After the experience, it became the precipitation ofyears are not always poetic Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, and whose life is not always smooth! There may be rain or rain Cheap Online Cigarettes. But are ruthless and affectionate! We must cherish the present, be the master of the years, leaving ae heart is like a flower, the years are not old! Even if the years are old, our hearts are always young! Youth, often mentioned by me, is because many wealth that can no longer be owned, they are lost after growing up. God always gives the best gifts to the children in youth. Because God knows, give more, they can't hold it. The treasures that are in your youth will eventually turn into a sand, passing between the fingerse are young, we are the most carefree. The only pressure is the pressure of the exam. For the students, it is only a period of time at the end of the period. It is very heavy, and the rest of the time is still free and unrestrained. Nowadays, I regret that when I am young, I don��t understand the importance of learning. If I try harder at the beginning, I might have a better and more ambitious future. If the canoe bridge of the college entrance examination can be more stable, will there be a completely different life now? I am too ignorant when I was young. I really hope that there will be someone at that time who can make the dark side of society one by one. Show me how good it is. Only by seeing the darkness and helplessness of society, I know that reading more books can always make fewer detours, less is too beautiful, always leaving hidden dangers in the future. After all, this society is not an Eden, but a forest with fierce competition. The lower the level, the more you can see the sinisterness of the human heart, and the more you can feel the coldness of the world. Those who have been crawling on the ground floor know that life has never been once and for all, no progress, noantly alive. Many people in the society, such as extinct animals, disappear into the age of flowers. Youth is still cruel and good. Recognize the reality early, you can prepare early, and the sooner you occupy the highlands, you can preserve yourself.
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