For you, I struggled hard

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For you, I struggled hard

Messagede ylq » Sam 23 FĂ©v 2019 07:23

For you, I struggled hard in my life journey, overcoming and defeating, but I will still say - you are the only one in my heart!the cycle of life, as if you have already become an indispensable part of my heart.uring the day when the sun chased, I fell in the pile of books and looked for you. With the late night of the moon shadow, I began to chase you in my dreams. Regardless of the heat, regardless of the cold, never gave up the dream of looking for your thousands of Baidu Carton Of Newport Short Price. Your figure is always engraved in my heart, you let me sometimes do not keep the house, sometimes sleepless nights, your charm - unlimiy times, I always feel that you and I are running far away, just like the morning sun, full of vitality and radiance. However, you slowly take off at the junction of Tianshui, it seems that it is beyond expectations. You are naturally and your style is unique, where you laugh and laugh, where you pick and drop guests, it seems very warm, there will be thousands of hearts into your broad mind, but sometimes you are very unrequited, Will still refuse to reject others thousands of miles away. Your every move is deeply pulling my heartstrings. I also know that it takes too much effort and persistence to be accepted by you. Although some people say that "the dream is good Wholesale Newport 100'S, and the reality is cruel after all", I still believe in you.cause of you, my friend and I had an appointment, and agreed to take the rain of bullets to find you. In a dark night we met in 2010, and we firmly believe that the pursuit of the wind will succeed in the summer of the heat; because of you, I ignore How much charm is the melody of youthful beating.ter a hundred years, you are still beautiful. Often, I am looking for thorns in the thorns, calling you in the wild mountains and forests, and you are still holding on to silence, asking me to calm down in all sorts of anxiety. Finally, I found out that your footprints turned to a rough path. So I started to get involved Short Newport Cigarettes. I used to swear by each other, no matter how hard or hard I have to catch up with you, even if I lost too much, I I will also believe that I will see the rainbow after the storm. in that faraway place, let me miss it day and night. Your beauty, lingering, is not a flash of a flash in the pan, nor a spectacle when the meteor breaks through the night sky, but an eternal natural beauty, the host of my heart. Your style, and who said, you are noble and sacred, is the home of my have you in my heart, and I have to reach you by all the hardships. If you are hiding on the other side of the mountain, I will travel to you to find you. If you are hiding in the sea, I will wading through the water to find you, without fear of the rough road Newport And Marlboro Sale Complaints. If you lose you, my world will fall into a horror, and there will be no more beautiful spotsy you can dismiss my soul, only you can give me happiness and happiness.e vows, it is my motivation to chase you, and today's hard work will be the crystallization of success Marboro Cigerettes For Sale. I am approaching you step by step, heading towards the passionate June, and firmly believe that you will know me. Only with you, I can give my parents a satisfactory answer; only with you, I can walk out of the mountains and into the beautiful world.
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Inscription: Lun 21 Jan 2019 09:31

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